About us

About O’ My Goodness

In today’s head-spinning, tail-chasing, fast-paced world, we end up jamming so many things into our day, that nutritional choices are often at the bottom of the priority list. What do you grab to eat as you head out the door, run to a meeting, or dash to get your kids to the next extra-mural?

Is your snack food leaving you feeling energized, buoyant, refuelled and ready to take on the next challenge? Or is it leaving you sluggish, weighed down and wishing for a nap?

OMG was created by two busy moms, Ariella Kaplan and Kim Capsopoulos. We know what it means to multi-task and try to fit it all in. We also know that people love snacks, so we’ve developed snacks that love you back.

We know that the best recipe for long-term health and vitality is eating food that is whole, unprocessed, and full of nutrients. We also know that it needs to taste good. At O’ My Goodness we have created a range of raw vegan snack foods that are nutrient-dense, enzyme packed, wholesome AND DELICIOUS!

We’ve put nutrition at the top of our priority list, so you don’t have to. Choose, chew, enjoy, and leave room for everything else you need to do today.
And remember… Count your blessings, not your calories!

Our Ethos

Our products are made from real food – quality, natural ingredients that are whole and unprocessed. We never add any preservatives, chemicals or anything artificial. All of our products are FREE of WHEAT, DAIRY, EGGS, REFINED SUGAR & TRANS FATS. Our products are 100% Vegan, Kosher (parev), and dehydrated – never cooked.

We literally become our food, so every bite we choose is of enormous importance to our health, so be sure to choose real food!

O’ My Goodness products are manufactured in a way that is kinder to ourselves, our planet and all who share it. All waste is either recycled or composted, and the grey water from our production kitchen is redirected to the garden. Nothing from our facility goes to the landfill.

Why Raw Vegan?

Raw means that nothing has been heated over 45°C, everything is prepared in a dehydrator which slowly removes the moisture. Preparing food this way retains the nutrients and enzymes, which are needed to turn food into pure, clean energy that the body can use.

Vegan means plant-based ingredients – no animal products or by-products.

Raw foods, are also called living foods and are easier to digest and assimilate, which means less work for your body. When your body doesn’t have to work so hard you get more energy. Less work, more return, win-win.

“It’s not about the food in your life, it’s about the life in your food!”
Dr Brian Clement, Hippocrates Institute